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​Energy-Saving Projects For $50 or Less

Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on home energy improvements, you can do many things around your home that are cheap or even free! For example, you can wrap your hot water pipes with pipe insulation, and if you have an old hot water heater, put an insulating blanket on it. (It’s easy to tell whether your water heater needs a blanket: If you touch it with your hand and it feels warm, it does.) Another quick and easy strategy is to lower the set point for your thermostat. It doesn’t cost you anything and can result in instant savings. Below are more suggestions for low-cost green energy upgrades along with typical price ranges:

  • Energy-efficient lighting: $3 to $15 per bulb
  • Power strip: $12 to $35
  • Water heater blanket: $25
  • Foam pipe insulation: $4 to $5 for 6-foot length
  • Programmable thermostat: Starts at $25
  • Door sweep: $3.50 to $20
  • Clothesline: About $10
  • Timers for lights: $7 to $13

    By Greg Pahl
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