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​Holiday Party Prep!

Make cleaning up after the family get-togethers easier with these “pre-gaming” tips:

  • Line broiling or roasting pans with foil, and baking sheets with parchment paper, before using them, that way grease and baked on foods (i.e. cheese…) can be tossed, and you can avoid using that precious sink space for soaking large pans.

  • Line your trash bins with extra bags, that way when it gets full, you just need to remove the full bag, and voila!, the bin is ready to go with a new one! You don’t have to fight through a crowd of kitchen meanderers to get to the trash bags, or deal with that ONE person who would throw away their plate even in a bag-less bin.

  • Half-empty bottles of wine – never fails by the end of the night. Whether it’s the family member that thinks they’re a wine connoisseur because they went to Napa Valley once 12 years ago, or the one who will drink any type as long as it’s free, most have their preference: red, white, sweet, dry, etc. One good alternative to keep from having to pour it out, or waste space by keeping bottles in the refrigerator, is to fill ice cube trays with the wine and freeze it, and use in the near future for recipes, mainly sauces.